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Our Team

Board Danny Singoma Board Director and General Director of Centre National d’Appui au Développement et à la participation populaire (CENADEP) Professor Muhindo Mugisho Directeur Général de l’Institut des Statistiques de Kinshasa, member. Bénoit Kisuki Mathe Director for the Scientific and Technical…

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Presentation of the PADES

The African Programme for Economic and Social Development (PADES in French) is a regional Organization created since June 2013. PADES is incorporated since 2014 in the Democratic Republic of Congo and since  March 2017 in Côte d’Ivoire. The idea to establish…

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Social Development

I.  HEALTH, WATER AND SANITATION The majority of Africans have not full access to primary health care yet. More of them lacks access to clean water and sanitation. Access to health care is still a luxury that the poor cannot afford. Many children die…

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Economic Development

I.  AGRICULTURE More than 90% of Africans live on Agriculture; however, hunger and malnutrition continue to be in full swing in Africa. The agricultural sector contributes at 21% to the region’s wealth. In several countries, this contribution is much higher: 43.4…

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KINSHASA Office, EXECUTIVE DIRECTION 38, Kimvula Street,  Kintambo Township, Kinshasa Ref. CEBCO Lingalaphone ChurchTél.: +243 81 51 20 518 +243 853234826 +243 894266481 Email:   REGIONAL OFFICE FOR WEST AFRICA 7e Tranche, Latrille, II Plateaux Cocody, Abidjan Tel: +22505435070 Email:   REGONAL…

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