Economic Development

Economic Development


More than 90% of Africans live on Agriculture; however, hunger and malnutrition continue to be in full swing in Africa. The agricultural sector contributes at 21% to the region’s wealth. In several countries, this contribution is much higher: 43.4 % in Burundi , Cameroon 45.4% to 52.1 % in Chad , 55% in the DRC and 58% in Central African Republic.

In its strategy of agriculture for the years 2010-2014 , the African Development Bank certifies that agriculture provides livelihood to 80 % of the African population in addition to creating jobs for about 60% of the economically active population and about 70 % of the poorest on the continent.

From the foregoing, the PADES believes that one cannot talk of development in Africa without going through Agriculture. The PADES will contribute to the improvement and increased production through improved seeds and modern farming practice. The PADES will assist producers in the processing and marketing of agricultural products.

To achieve this, the PADES accompany men and women farmers in their struggle for equitable access to land.

The PADES also develops stock farming and fisheries.


Many people would like to invest but do not know how and where to begin. No problem, PADES is there for you. To invest, one must not only have the idea on what to do, but possess the mean or seed fund.

Many Africans are struggling with this difficulty because in most banks, credit rates are very high. PADES encourages self-generated capital, which prevents any new entrepreneur from starting to go into debt before generating profits from his own business. However, PADES will work to provide entrepreneurs with opportunities for access to sustainable financing.

Several African countries are now members of OHADA and have ratified the relevant uniform acts, have begun to harmonize their legislation with a view to relaxing procedures for setting up businesses. However, PADES believes that African governments should be more involved in alleviating the high reimbursement rates demanded by banking institutions.

More than half of the African population is under the age of 25 and young people are a source of extraordinary talent and innovation. However, African youth are undermined by unemployment, which pushes them into crime and illegal immigration. Many end up in the desert of Libya or in the ‘belly’ of the Atlantic. PADES intends to fight against that dangerous immigration and will accompany African youths who are tempted by illegal immigration to set up businesses on the continent. First of all, PADES will strengthen the capacity of the ECOWAS and Diaspora Entrepreneurs Network and encourage States to improve their business climate by promoting a business-friendly environment.

III.  New Technologies of Information and Communication (NTIC)

The new information technologies and communication have become essential for the development of any country. The PADES will promote access to new information technologies and communication including the Internet primarily in education and health facilities, but also in other sectors.

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