Social Development

Social Development


The majority of Africans have not full access to primary health care yet. More of them lacks access to clean water and sanitation. Access to health care is still a luxury that the poor cannot afford. Many children die before celebrating their fifth birthday due to lack of access to health, quality water and good sanitation. Several girls under 18 years are struggling to get treatment for lack of means and resort to self-medication with all the danger that this practice entails.

The PADES aims to promote health, water security,hygiene and sanitation for all.

The PADES will also tackle the fight against the three pandemics (malaria, tuberculosis and HIV / AIDS and other neglected tropical diseases.

Maternal and reproductive health is also a priority of the PADES. The PADES will enable to reduce the number of deaths due to childbirth by strengthening the capacity of midwives.


Education is the key of development. The PADES promotes education for all children, both girls and boys. The PADES also encourages research and vocational training for the social reintegration of youth and adults. PADES believes that for any project or program to be implemented, it should be based on the findings of an in-depth research.

Thanks to the internet, the PADES will promote distance learning ( e -learning or online training ) to facilitate access to quality education at an affordable cost.


More than half of African countries are in conflict or are already experienced armed conflict. The PADES contributes to the peacebuilding of Africa by strengthening peacekeeping capabilities in each community.

The PADES will also be involved in the prevention and peaceful resolution of conflicts. PADES will promote state authority restauration where it is needed as well as the demobilization and reintegration of disarmed persons.



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