Training on RENEWAL Methodology


Training on RENEWAL Methodology

Abidjan, 23 and 31 March 2018.

The Center on Water Security and Cooperation(CWSC) as trained the African Programme for Economic and Social Development(PADES) researchers on RENEWAL Methodology. RENEWAL(Research andEvaluation of Nexuses of the Exploitation of Water in African Law) aims at creating the first comprehensive of African database on water law.

The database will be accompanied by an impartial analysis of how the systems of laws, regulations, judicial interpretations and related policies work together to manage water resources. Once completed, the CWSC in partnership with its local stakeholders including PADES will evaluate the effectiveness of the water law framework, identifying strengths, shortcomings, gaps and inconsistencies to chart out a clear plan for how to better advance water security.

The RENEWAL Project is implemented in cote d’Ivoire by PADES. The same project is implemented in Nigeria, Sudan, Kenya and South Africa.

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