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As you may know, the African continent has great potential in terms of human and natural resources but is constantly losing pace in economic and social development sectors.

More than half of its population lives below the poverty line and have no access to education and health.

The World Bank report on World Development 2013 on » Jobs  » recognizes employment as a determinant or the cornerstone of economic and social development. However, nearly half of men and women in developing countries, including Africa languishing in poverty or unemployment is simply not paid or under.

Further to decades of conflict and multifaceted crises experienced or known that some African countries including the Democratic Republic of Congo , Burundi, Rwanda , Uganda, Sudan, South Sudan, Kenya , Ethiopia, Somalia , Eritrea, Chad, Niger , Cote d’Ivoire , Sierra Leone , Central African Republic , Algeria, Mali, Tunisia , Libya and Egypt , thousands of children suffer from severe malnutrition and are deprived of primary health care and education . The situation of women and the girl remains catastrophic, especially in rural areas where inequalities persist on gender. 

Since December 2015, States has committed to achieve the Agenda 2030 on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and PADES has decided to support African Countries to reach them.

But PADES thinks that without a a strong involvement of African men and women from the concerned countries, the situation is likely criticized for not quickly improve.

On the economic front, Africa is and will remain a long time  » scandal  » in natural resources. But this wealth never capitalized to the African majority as often controlled by a minority in power, by bad governance; fail to ensure redistribution more and also the control of these resources by foreign interests who are reluctant to finance rebellions in Africa to achieve their objectives.

At a time of globalization, the New Technologies of Information and Communication (ICT) are a means to promote education, employment, entrepreneurship, and access to markets. Some African countries are now connected to the optical fiber. The PADES hopes this modernity imported from London will improve the quality of the Internet connection, significantly lowering the cost of communication and promote telemedicine and tele-education.

The African Program for Economic and Social Development intends to meet the challenges of socio-economic development of Africa and allow Africans to take charge.

I hope you will enjoy a new look of our website.

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